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Statuesque Brigitte (5'10" 145lbs) and lovely Desiree(5'8" 132lbs), are two of the best wrestlers around who do not take nonsense from anyone. When they discover a peeping Tom (5'8"155lbs) he gets more than an eyeful. Brigitte, clad in a black bra and panty and Desiree wearing a tight lacy black teddy,take turns beating, airplane spinning, and brutally scissoring him into semi-consciousness. Brigitte's lithe muscular body and super powerful legs get a great workout as she pulverizes the culprit to unconsciousness. Desiree joins her in inventing new ways to tear their victim limb from limb. This potent team uses every trick in the book and they introduce new ones you will never forget, including a contest to see who can knock him out the fastest with a scissor.

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