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Lithe, soft-spoken Robin, 5'10", 148 lbs., is tired of her husband's (5'10", 160 lbs.) laziness and philandering.  Robin, sexily clad in a black and red striped leotard and black mesh stockings, challenges him to bring all his hostilities out into the open.  It is a challenge he is soon sorry he accepted.  Using her long, shapely, steely legs, Robin captures him in a body scissor and won't let go at least not until she has his head firmly and clasped between her sinewy thighs.  Then she brutally punishes him until he admits that she is his superior.  After experiencig several more moves such as painful schoolboy pins, unpleasant grapevines, and several more potent, grinding, headmashing scissors, he realizes that he can't win.  He must submit to her superior strength and wrestling expertise.  As he crawls to her on his hands and knees, he promises to change and obey.

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