Rikki (5'4" 112 lbs) is the tough and sexy owner of a chic nightclub staffed entirely by women.  When a pushy young punk named Sal applies for a job and is rebuffed by Rikki because he's a man, Sal insists that Rikki should hire him as a bouncer to handle the unruly customers that Rikki's female bouncers couldn't possibly deal with.

Dressed in only a halter top, stockings with garter belt, and a slit skirt that does little to hide her luscious body, Rikki takes Sal down to the floor to show him how well she and her girls can take care of business.  The blonde hellcat thoroughly dominates the brash young man with an assortment of head and body scissors, arm bars, school boy and matchbox pins, as well as an over the shoulder slam, full nelsons, and even tickling.  Her punishing holds are only equaled by her stinging verbal taunts.  Sal, who resorts to trickery, is continually humiliated by his sultry would-be employer.  Does Sal really have a chance at the job?  Take a look for yourself and see if you could pass Rikki's rigorous requirements.

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