It's a battle of beautiful blondes that has to be seen to be believed. Katrina applies for a job at Rikki's nightclub. Katrina seems to be timid and shy, so the tough, provocative proprietress decides to see if the new applicant is tough enough to handle the rough, rowdy crowd.

It is clearly apparent that the captivating Katrina is strong and capable as she matches head and body scissors, bear hugs, and headlocks with Rikki. Rikki is not convinced, so she provokes their contest to a higher level of competitiveness. This brings out the tigress in Katrina as she asserts herself with even more powerful and devastating holds. Full nelsons, lifts, powerful scissors that look like they will snap Rikki in two. Does she get the job? You will have to see for yourselves as they put on a show.

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