Lean and luscious Bridget (5'8" 125 lbs) has a chance encounter with blonde and buxom Tammy (5'6" 120 lbs) at the health spa.  The two haven't seen each other in some time and begin trading some rather caustic and sarcastic remarks.  Since both have been learning some wrestling from their boyfriends, they decide to see who has the best moves.  As it turns out, their boyfriends are really one and the same fella.  Does this ever set them off!  these two beauties proceed to go at teach other with reckless abandon and don't hold back the heavy artillery.  Gut-wrenching scissors, grapevines, school boy pins, bone jarring throws, dizzying spins, and kamikaze dives are all used flagrantly, not to mention constant taunting,  hair pulling, spanking, and bra snapping as these two tigresses go all out to win.  We've seen a lot of hot brawls, but we think you'll agree this is the best catfight wrestling match you've seen yet.

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