Ashley vs Rikki


Rikki and Ashley are both preparing to go out on a date.  Blonde, 5'4 118 lbs. Rikki is setting her hair, while 5'5" 121 lbs Ashley is putting the final touches on her make-up.  The women are talking about their dates for the evening.  They soon discover that their 'dates' are in reality, the same man!  Ashley, infuriated by this, rips Rikki's wig off.  Rikki retaliates by ripping Ashley's dress off!  The two beautiful women begin to tear into each other.  The battle rages back and forth; hair is yanked, arms are twisted, each being determined to be the one waiting at the door.  They both use their beautiful strong legs to try and crush each other into defeat.  This intense fight continues unabated, until there is a knock at the door - then there is a real loser!!
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