Tasha Welch 

"The Enforcer"



Looking for The Enforcer, he questions Tasha's abilities and strength.  She calmly informs him "If you want something done I can do it.  I can put anyone out cold."  He insists on a sample.  She insists on cash up front.  When she changes into her thong bikini, he  sees the error of his ways.   Although he is convinced, just by looking at her, that she is, indeed  The Enforcer, she insists on showing him what she can do...and what she can do is awesome!!  She wipes the mat with him...with scissors (she LOVES scissors of all kinds),  grapevines,frontal face pins, breast smothers, and  airplane spins, she plays with her victim.  She will not let up until he is completely intimidated and unconscious.   If you need an enforcer, we know who to call... and so will you! 

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