Yvonne & Suzie 

"What Men Really Like"



Yvonne is married to Newt, and worries how to keep him.  Suzie offers to show her how, using her husband as a demonstrator model.  Yvonne strips down, and the two of them have some fun spanking, squeezing, bending and twisting poor Buddy.   "If they take the pain real well, give them a little pat on the head" is Suzie's advice.  When Newt returns, he finds out how much his wife has learned, as both wives torture and play with him.  Yvonne has learned, "Titties first, and then good morning with your butt!".    Suzie's final words of advice, which becomes their chant, is "Pleasure and Pain, Sex and Violence...that's what men love!"  The video ends with both men locked in their respective wives arms--well, head locked that is!! 

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