"High Maintenance"



Off come the shoes, the stockings, the dress, the garter belt, the uderwear, and the bra. And as she slowly and sensuously redresses herself she notices the maintenance man catching a glimpse of her slender, sleek body. Time to do a little maintenance on him! A flip to the floor, then a series of deadly pounces on his head and chest prepares this body for its overhaul. She loosens all his screws with cruching front and reverse headscissors, removes all the air from his lungs with brutal punches the stomach. In the end she stuffs him in a brown sack, throws him over her shoulder and takes him out to be recycled. 

Tape length = 37 minutes
 Please Select:  DVD or VHS or PAL - CFV-105 = $30.00 + postage

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